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Posted on 11-21-2018

Siberian Husky Leaning on Table

When you have a picky kid, it’s usually pretty easy to tell why they won’t eat certain foods. Whether it’s taste or texture, they’re often pretty quick to tell you why they don’t like it. When it comes to our pets, it isn’t so obvious. If your pet is a picky eater, follow these steps to ensure they still get all the important nutrients they need to thrive.

No Seat at the Table 
We’ve all seen big puppy dog eyes begging below us at the dinner table. What we don’t realize is that this can cause them to be extremely picky. Who wants to eat dog food when you have a delicious meal right in front of you. Make sure your dog is in another room during meal times so they gradually learn that it isn’t okay to wait by the table.

Separate Your Food from Theirs
Some human food is good for your dog, but when the two are associated, they will begin to think that their food and your food are one in the same. Store dog food and treats out of the pantry and in their own area to avoid this confusion. This can help curb begging behavior you see at the table as well.

Set a Limit
Sticking to a tight schedule will help your dog get into a routine that makes them eat when it’s meal time. This is helpful for those pups who leisurely eat, which can result in fewer nutrients entering their body. The most popular way of doing this is by setting their food out for 30 minutes and taking it away whether it has been eaten or not. This signals to them that they only have a certain amount of time to eat. 

Switch Their Food
In some cases, your dog may simply not like the food they have. During your next visit let your vet know that your dog isn’t eating like they normally do. We can make expert recommendations of food to try that will provide all the nutrients they need. It’s important to consult your vet before switching foods because they can provide additional information on ingredients and portion sizes that will keep their diet on track.

Help your pet balance their diet and receive all of the fuel they need to run and play. Picky eaters can definitely learn to be less picky and eat their meals. If you have any questions about helping your dog develop proper eating techniques, please contact us today. 

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