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Posted on 01-19-2018

Moving to a New House with Pets

Moving to a new house with a pet can definitely be stressful! Physically moving in furniture while you have an animal running around could create havoc! We do not want that happening to you. Here are some tips on how to calmly move to a new house with your pets.

1.     Their point of view

Consider what your animal is thinking about when you are taking them out of their “territory”. It is hard for them to adjust to a new place; where to go to the bathroom, where you will be sleeping, what their backyard looks like now, and where they can access food. When moving to a new place, stick to your old routines for your pets so it will not be like training them all over again!

2.     Make packing fun!

Do not isolate your animal from you while you are packing up your old home. Include them and make it a stress-free process for them so when you are unloading into your new home, they already have a sense of what is going on. If your animal is high stress, consider bringing them to a friend’s house for the day or allow time for breaks to bring them on a walk/go outside or give them all your attention.

3.     Isolation

Depending on the individual animal, the whole process of moving can be way too overwhelming. With new people coming and going, like mentioned before, having someone who they trust to watch them for the day can be the best option for high stressed animals. Another idea is to put them in an air-conditioned room for small amounts of time to calm them down while you continue to unpack.

4.     Long Distance

Driving over five hours with an animal can be stressful for the both of you. Make sure you research rest stops along your journey to allow them to walk around and use the restroom frequently. Make sure they are up to date on their chip or collar information to be extra safe. If you plan on flying with an animal, make sure you know all the requirements for each airline before purchasing your tickets.

5.     Getting to know the new place

Allow time for you to spend with your pet alone in the new house. Do not just drop them off and leave them in an uncomfortable place they are not used to. Show them around and comfort them. When it comes to finding new veterinarians to bring them to, schedule a “get to know you” visit right away so they will find comfort there if anything were to happen sooner.

These are super important tips to ensure a safe and fun start to your new journey, not only for you but your animals. If you have any questions about moving with pets, please reach out to us at 602-559-5900.

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