Water Safety Tips

As the weather continues to heat up, it is important to remember water safety for the whole family, including your dog. Just like children, if not closely watched in water, dogs can get themselves into dangerous situations that could lead to drowning. Here are some of our top safety tips when it comes to dogs and water this summer. 



1. Not all dogs are the same. 

When it comes to water, not all dog breeds are good swimmers (some can’t even swim at all, including bulldogs, dachshunds and pugs) and not all dogs enjoy being in or around water, including smaller dogs like yorkies, chihuahuas and shih tzus. Make sure you know that your dog is comfortable before testing them out in the water and actually swimming. 


2. Start Small

Once you do determine that your dog enjoys the water, start small. Don’t go straight to the deep end of the pool or the middle of a lake. Make sure your dog is acclimated to the water and understands how to swim. And if you are letting your dog swim in deeper waters, make sure you have an eye on them and can jump to the rescue if need be. (Just like children, you should always be watching around water.)




3. Life Vests 

Life vests are always a must when it comes to boats, kayaks, or rafts. Not only will it help your dog float in the water, but it also allows you to spot them in the water easily. They make special vests for dogs that you can find here, so don’t assume a human life vest will work the same way. 



4. Hygiene

Just like you would clean and dry yourself off after being in the water, you should do the same for your dog. Make sure to rinse all the chlorine or lake water off your dog and especially dry off their ears. Most ear infections and ear problems in dogs, are caused by dampness from being in the water.  


5. Hydration

With all this swimming, it is also important to consider the intake of water. Dogs should have about one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight, per day, maybe more depending on how active the dog is. Especially in this Arizona heat it is crucial to provide your pets with clean, cold water multiple times a day in order to avoid heat stroke and other problems. 


If you have any questions about water safety, please give us a call at (602) 559-5500. 


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