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Adopt a Cat Month



As spring (also known as kitten season) comes to a close, we are left with more kittens than usual. This is why June is the perfect time for National Adopt a Cat Month. We always promote shelter adoptions, but it is especially important to consider when there are so many extra stray cats on the streets and in these shelters.


Although kittens might possibly be some of the cutest animals ever, it is important to consider your living situation before adding a new member to your family. Cats can often be very low maintenance pets, making them great for busy professionals or elderly people, but some environments are not the best for a cat.


Considering the living environment of this new cat is crucial. Are there other pets in the home? Will the new cat get along with other cats or dogs? Are there small children in the household? And will the cat be spending any time outside? We don’t necessarily recommend an outside cat due to all the elements and potential dangers, but if you do choose to let your kitty outdoors, make sure they are microchipped.


It is also important when adopting a cat, or any pet for that matter, to be prepared. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand to be able to make your new pet as comfortable as possible in their new home. Some of these items include:

    -cat box

    -cat litter



    -scratching post


    -collar/name tag

    -vet contact and appointments



There are so many great shelters here locally that you can go to to find your sweet new kitten, or even donate time, money or supplies to in this time of great need. Check out the list below of places you can go to find your kitten.


AZ Humane Society

-Campus for Compassion (Dobbins Rd)

-Sunnyslope Campus (13th Ave)

-Petique at Norterra (Happy Valley Rd)


Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (Rio Salado Pkwy)


Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA (40th St.)


Lost Our Home Pet Foundation (Hardy Dr.)


We love hearing adoption stories and seeing our community help out animals in need. Once you bring home your new kitty, we would love to see them and help them to be as healthy as possible! Give us a call at (602) 559-5500 or set up an appointment on the website! Remember new patients get 10% off!


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