Valentine's Day Hazards

Valentine’s Day Hazards for Your Pet

Are you looking forward to all the gifts, treats, and special flowers you will be receiving on Valentine’s Day? Unfortunately, a majority of these items can be very hazardous to our pets health. Here are five things to keep your pets away from this holiday!


There is such a thing as chocolate poisoning for your animals. This usually occurs after the animal ingests more than .5 ounces of chocolate per pound of body weight. This can become a very serious illness for your animal that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures. Your best bet is to either eat all the chocolate in one sitting or to keep it high up on a shelf or in your pantry.


You may be thinking, “My animal sniffs and is around flowers in our backyard all day?” Even though your flowers are not toxic to the animal, it can be traumatic for their mouths while they chew on it. Rose thorns hurt even a human when unwrapping the flowers, so imagine the damage that can be done inside your pet's mouth or on their paws! Keep your flowers up high and away from the animals. Another great tip is to cut off the thorns if you want to be safe.


This is a commonly used sugar substitute that is commonly used during Valentine’s Day. This can be found in candies, sugar-free gum, and some baked goods. Too much of this can lead to death for your pet. If you have gum, buy a plastic holder for it instead of just using it in its paper holder, so that your pets cannot chew through the paper. Keep all candy up on high surfaces.


While this may be common sense, it’s also a good reminder that your pet should not ingest any form of alcohol.  The main ingredients of alcoholic beverages are among the top plants that are toxic or poisonous to dogs. However, you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, keep all bottles, cans, snifters, tumblers, growlers, and flutes out of your dog’s reach at all times. 

Gift Wrap

Not only is chewing on colored paper bad for your pet, it can be hazardous for them to swallow any small bows or anything with glitter! It can block their digestive system and make them become very ill. Skip the gift wrapping this year and get straight to the point when gifting Valentine’s presents.

Overall, when in doubt, keep it on a high surface, away from your pet. Do not ever leave them alone around some of these new things because animals are very curious.  Always remember to include your pet in all the Valentine fun once the hazards are put away! We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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