Fire Safety

National Pet Fire Safety Day happens every year on July 15th in order to bring awareness to the importance of being prepared incase of an emergency. Not only is it important for your family to have a fire safety plan, but it is also important that you include your pets in that plan. Being prepared is the only way to avoid potential disaster. 

The combination of dryness and massive summer storms (that include lightning) all over Arizona makes for a lot of fires, both in the house and wild. We see an increase in fire danger during the summer months which is why this is the perfect time for a refresher in fire safety for you and your pet. 

Pet Fires

Curious pets can start fires just as easily as humans can, so it is important to be aware of a few things around your home that could be potential hazards. 

Open flames is an obvious thing to keep your pets away from, but people still burn candles and have fireplaces or bon fires going around animals. Invest in flameless candles and keep a close watch on pets around the fireplace. 

A less obvious, but still extremely important hazard are metal bowls on wooden decks. Metal bowls are a great investment and a great way to keep the pets food sanitary, but if left out on a wooden deck during a hot day, it could cause potential damage. Especially in hot areas like Arizona, the sun and that metal bowl could conduct enough heat to start a fire on the deck. 

Being Prepared 

Like we mentioned before, being prepared is the best way to prevent disaster. A few of our main tips include: 

  • Keep your pets close to the entrances of the home for easy departure

  • Always have a collar and tags on your pet 

  • If you have outside/inside animals, keep track of who is outside and who is inside so you know if you have lost someone 

  • Invest in a window decal that will let rescue teams and firemen know if there are animals at the residence. 

Fires can be devastating, but even more devastating if you lose a pet. Prevention and preparedness are the best ways to avoid these tragic situations. If you have questions on the best procedures or tips please call us at (602) 559-5500 or make an appointment! 


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