Spring Cleaning for your Pets

Spring Cleaning for Your Pets

Spring Cleaning is not only an important task for a family and the house, but it’s also very important for your pets and their overall health! It’s time to brighten up your home through your animals with some simple tips to spring cleaning! 

1. Basic Cleaning

Air Filter:

Are you aware of all the dust and dander that might be lingering in your filter? It could be full of pet odors swimming around in the air in your home. You can fix this problem by purchasing air filters made just for pet owners. They come with built-in ionizers that minimize allergens and deliver a boost of air freshening. 

Collar Cleaning:

Collar Cleaning is not something many people know about. They usually put the collar on their pet and it never comes off! Washing a collar can be difficult without damaging it so we found the perfect recipe to a clean collar! Put a couple of squirts of dog shampoo in a bowl and fill it with hot water. Let the collar soak for 15-20 minutes. Rub the collar on a towel to remove any dirt and then rinse it under cold water for a nice, clean shine. You can let it air dry or towel dry it for fast use. 

Muddy Paws:

Spring means rain which also means… muddy paws!! Here are some tips and tricks on keeping that dirt outside of your home. Try trimming the hair around your pet’s paws regularly so the mud will not get stuck in the crevices of their paws. Keep a little bucket of water and a towel near the door so you can remind yourself to clean their paws after a nice walk. 

 2. Bedding, Dog Hair, and Toys


Time to wash those beds! They tend to attract a buildup of gross dirt and grime. Try purchasing a bed with a removable fabric cover. Vacuum it weekly to remove the dirt and hair then follow up with a lint roller. Wash the cover and the bed base (if machine washable) in cold water and do not use too much of the detergent. Dry it for about 20 minutes.

Dog Hair:

Rubber gloves will be your best friend when cleaning up dog hair. Dampen the glove on your hand and then sweep fabric with it! The hair will ball up and be easy to pick up. Do not forget to give your gloves a nice wash after!


Let’s work on keeping those toys germ free! For soft toys, put them in the washer using a garment bag. Make sure to use dog- safe detergent! You can line dry these toys or put them in a pillowcase to put them in the dryer. Hard toys can be washed in the sink with 50% water and 50% vinegar with a sponge! 

3. Yard Cleaning and Bubble Baths 

Bubble Baths & Lavender Oil:

Be careful not to over bathe your pet as it can cause dry and irritated skin. You can dry bathe them to avoid these issues. First, brush out their hair to remove dead skin and dirt. Mix together a solution of Apple Cider Vinegar and water, spray it on them, then wipe down with a towel. Sprinkle baking soda on them (to get rid of the vinegar smell), let it sit, then brush it out. 

To keep your pet calm, try mixing up a bottle of sprayable lavender oil to carry around. Spray it on their back (it helps with ticks/fleas), spray it in your car or on their bed to keep them calm!

Yard Work:

Let’s maintain that backyard! If your yard is mostly dirt, put some sod down to provide your animal with a grassy area! It helps minimize the dirt brought in. Keep a basket of outdoor toys only. Do not let them bring those toys in the house to avoid a track of dirt. 

Is your animal digging? Scatter some orange peels and they will stay away! Perfect to scatter around your garden.

4. Let’s Talk Toxins 

Here are some items listed out to keep away from your animal since they are dangerous for their health: bait traps for rodents, insecticides, blood meal, and fertilizers.

Worried about your garden being dangerous? Here are the flowers NOT to plant: azaleas, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, lilies, oleander, sago palm, foxglove, and mushrooms. 

We hope these tips help you make your pet the happiest and healthiest they can be this Spring! If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away. Visit us at www.phoenixvetcenter.com to schedule a spring appointment for your animal!


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