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Canine Fitness Month

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It is Canine Fitness Month and humans are not the only ones who want to be bikini ready for the summer. When owning a pet, you are in charge of their health and well being. Animals cannot control what they are fed, how active they are, and how much sunlight they see because it all relies on how much we take them outside and what we feed them!

Looking for some inspiration on how to keep your canine healthy this summer? Here are three tips for a healthy canine.

Get Active!

While we are dreading the next cardio session we are about to have, our canines are ready to go! Throwing around a toy for an hour can be good for your animal, but let’s bring the fun outside. Take your animal on a night/morning walk for around 30 minutes and add more time each time you go out. Try running with them a little bit at first, then going to a slower pace and keep repeating the pattern. Not only will it make your legs look great, but it will help your dog work off any unwanted calories from their meals.

Does your animal know how to swim? This is also a great safety tip! Get in the pool with them a couple times throughout the week. Teaching your animal how to swim can save a life just in case they fall or get stuck in a pool! Your animal may hate it at first but a cool pool under the hot sun can be their favorite thing after they learn how to swim.

Eating Right!

Have you looked at what is in your animal’s food lately? On the health label, the first thing that is listed has the highest quantity in your dog’s food. Do you like what you are seeing? Consider looking up new types of food that have been tested and approved. Talk to your animal’s vet about better options. Sometimes, better options come at a higher price, but don’t mess around with your animals food. They need nutrients and vitamins just like we do.

Outside Time!

How often does your animal get to go outside? Do you take them out for a potty break in the mornings, after work, and after dinner? Are there days you just forget? Your animal needs to breathe some fresh air and see the daylight a few times each day! It could affect their mood and their emotions. Sometimes, animals get “stage fright” about going to the bathroom inside the house (on a pad, etc.) while you are around and that can lead to constipation if you are not taking them outside enough. Consider moving around your schedule and planning times to take your animal outside.

This is such an important awareness month and we hope these tips make you spend more time thinking about your animals overall health. Come see us for an appointment or if you have any other questions.


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