What To Bring on a Walk?

When walking your dog, do you ever think about what items you might need while out? January is National Walk Your Pet Month, so we thought to share some important items to bring when walking your dog. Whether it's 30 minutes or 2 hours, we still believe that you need to be prepared. 

Fitted Collar with ID Tag

The most important collar features are comfort and safety. The collar should fit so that you can get two fingers under it, meaning it’s not so loose that it will slip over your dog’s head but it’s not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Make sure that your dog’s collar has a strong clasp or buckle that won’t pop open with pressure. Check that your dog’s ID tag is visible and more importantly, that the information on it is current and legible.

Fixed-Length Leash

A fixed-length leash between four and six feet is more than enough room to roam, plus it’s safer for everyone.

Poop Bags

Poop bags are as essential to a walk as a leash and collar. Cleaning up after your dog is the neighborly thing to do, but more importantly, curbing your dog prevents the spread of disease. It’s easy to shove a few bags in your pocket when you head out the door.


So you can reward your dog for being a good boy (or girl)!  A well-timed reward will encourage him to keep up the good work. Opt for small soft, meaty treats that your dog only gets during walks so that they remain extra special.

Water and Water Bowl

While you may not think about this for short walks, it's important to remember the water (and the bowl) for a long trail hike. Your dog needs to stay hydrated when he’s exploring at a brisk pace, and since he can’t ask for a drink, it’s up to you to monitor his need for water.


Maybe your dog can't leave home without their favorite toy. So bring it along! Use the toy the same way you might use a treat by bringing it out when your dog has performed a long stretch of polite walking and play tug with it as you walk along.

No-Pull Harness

These harnesses gently prevent pulling by changing the fulcrum point of the leash and can turn uncomfortable tug-of-war walks into manageable strolls in an instant. 

Illuminated or Reflective Collar

This is a safety-must if you're walking at night! The goal is to make your dog visible from a distance, so make sure to test the strength of the light emitted.


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