How to Prepare for a Pet Sitter

In honor of pet sitters week, we’ve compiled our best tips to prepare for your pet sitter. Whether you have to go out of town for an extended period of time or you’re just out of town for the weekend, your pet should be cared after by someone you know and trust.

1.     Leave Detailed Instructions

Your sitter is going to be watching your pet and house and will likely need to spend a few nights there to really care for your pet. Don’t be afraid to over explain instructions for how to get into the house, where to find treats, what time your dog eats and how much food they eat every day. You should also leave important phone numbers on the instruction sheet.


2.     Stock the Pet Food

The first thing your pet sitter will be in charge of will be feeding your pet. To avoid confusion at the store or the potential risk of the sitter buying the wrong thing, make sure you stock up on pet food before you leave. Leave plenty of food accessible as well as your pet’s favorite treats or kitty litter as well.


3.     Put Collars On

Sometimes when we’re at home with our pets, we get a little relaxed on whether or not our pets have their updated ID tags on. Before you head out of town, you should make sure all collars are on and microchips are updated in case of emergency.


4.     Check Medications

Your pet sitter won’t be able to pick up any prescriptions for your pet so it’s essential that you fill these before the pet sitter comes over. Leave instructions for administering the medication appropriately and accurately.


5.     Walking Routes

Exercise is extremely important for your pet, but it’s important your pet sitter feels safe in your neighborhood. Walk them through your normal routine and whether or not you have a designated path that you stick to. Help them find any nearby dog parks they can visit to get all the play time with your pup!


Pet sitters are always there for us when we need them most, make sure they are well prepared and equipped to care for your pets. If you have any questions about pet care while you travel, contact us today! 


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