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Posted on 08-16-2017

A very commonly asked question is how often does my pet need to be bathed? Well, question no more! We are here to answer all the questions and give you a few tips for when you do bathe your pets. If you ever have any questions please reach out to us via website or by calling (602) 559-5500.

Obviously the amount of attention and maintenance is different, especially when it comes to bathing. First we will discuss dogs and then move onto cats.



One of the biggest misconceptions is that dogs need to be bathed frequently. Oftentimes, if regular brushing occurs, dogs only need to be bathed every 3 months. Of course if your dog feels dirty or is more active or spends more time outdoors, more frequent washing may be necessary.

When it comes to brushing, more frequent, shorter sessions are best to keep your dog looking and feeling clean. 5-10 minutes daily is optimal, but of course if your dog has longer hair and mats easily, more brushing may be necessary.

Once the bath is over, it is still important to remember to brush and dry your pet properly. This helps to keep their coats nice and is oftentimes put to the side, but is a crucial step in the bathing process.


One of the perks of owning a cat is that most of the time they can keep themselves clean. Actually, giving your cat a bath is usually unnecessary as long as the cat is able to clean themselves. Like dogs, if your cat is more active and outdoors more often, or has a longer coat, more frequent washing may be a good idea.

When it comes to brushing, cats need just as much, if not more than dogs. Brushing will keep their coats shiny and soft and will also help cut back on hair balls since cats do clean themselves.


A few other things to keep in mind when bathing either cats or dogs are water temperature and pressure. Animals are similar to babies and have sensitive skin, so room temperature water is best and a slow stream of water is better than a harsh spray.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type and amount of shampoo being used. Pets have a different Ph balance than humans so using people shampoo is not a good idea as it will dry out the pet’s skin. Making sure the soap is lathered into the fur is essential for actually getting the coat clean and removing dirt, as well as rinsing the soap off thoroughly.

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