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Posted on 07-20-2017

National Mutt Day is coming up on July 31st, so we wanted to take this time to talk a little bit about mutts, or mixed breed dogs. National Mutt Day is in place to recognize these mixed breeds and bring awareness to the growing number of them within shelters. Because of the importance of this cause, National Mutt Day is also celebrated on December 2nd.

As mentioned before, a mutt is essentially any kind of mixed dog breed or a dog that is not purely one specific breed. Although mutt sounds like a hard term, any dog that is bred using two different breeds or one pure bred and one different breed is a mutt. Often times people purposefully breed mutts like golden-doodles or pomskies, many mutts, especially those in shelters are forgotten about or unwanted.


Over 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds or mutts which makes them less appealing to potential owners, but these dogs need a good home just like a pure bred. Often times purebreds who end up in shelters are quickly rescued by specific rescue groups or people who want a less-expensive option, leaving many unwanted dogs. This is why Mutt Day is so crucial in bringing awareness to all the animals in need.

We support the adopt, don’t shop motto and think Mutt Day is a great way to enforce this concept. Every dog needs a good home and just because they are a mix of different breeds doesn’t make them any less lovable. If you are in the market for a new furry friend and are in need of a vet please give us a call at (602) 559-5500 or visit us online to book your appointment.

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